January 31, 2007

Dear Baby,

Today, Wednesday January 31st, I found out I was pregnant with you! I am so relieved -- this means I won't be really fat and pregnant during the summer, and I won't be giving birth to you in the dead of winter either. How cool!

I'm 23 years old right now and I am kinda scared to be honest! Am I ready to be a mom?? Is Stewie ready for a sibling?? Do you think Daddy will be able to put up with your demanding, pregnant Momma? I think so!

Here is what my day was like the day I found out I was pregnant.

I woke up at 7 am on a mild winter's day in Montana. I grabbed an old pregnancy test that daddy had found in the closet the night before, and I went and peed on the stick. I was so certain that it would say 'not pregnant' like it had for the past two years. But lo and behold! While I was busy reading the pee stick instructions in Spanish, I glanced over and saw the magic word: PREGNANT.

No way! I was in total denial. I didn't believe it at all. I got a really funny feeling in my stomach and went back into the bedroom and woke up your dad. I don't think he knew what he was looking at. He didn't believe it either! He started to get excited and I warned him not to get too worked up because the test might be wrong. We snuggled in bed and then he went to work.

I sent a message to Melissa. Because by God, if anyone can help me when I'm a total mess, it is her.

I went over to Grandma's house to babysit your cousin Gabe. While I was babysitting, Grandma went out and picked me up another pee stick. I tried it again...and again it said PREGNANT!

WOAH. Things are starting to get a little freaky!!

I called daddy and told him that for sure I do appear to be knocked up! Mommy is a ho! Just kidding.

Then I messaged my friend Sonya and gushed all about it to her. Poor thing.

Then I sent out a mass emailing to all my friends that literally said this:

"OH MY GOD I AM PREGNANT! Excuse me while I go freak out!"~Ali

Then I got to call my sister and my father in law and tell them the good news. It was so awesome! Everybody is so excited about you. You are the very first baby in daddy's family. So they are SUPER PUMPED.

I don't know how old you are yet -- but I'm guessing really really young. I will go to the doc in a few weeks and find out for sure.

Your dad and I prayed to God a lot today and thanked Him for blessing us with our own little baby. You are an answered prayer and a gift from God, little one.