July 16, 2006

Mixology Monday - Lemon

Mixology Monday is being held over at Jiggle the Handle this time around and boy am I glad he picked that theme! High nineties today and these drinks really hit the spot. Thank you to Jiggle the Handle for hosting!

Hard Lemonade

2 parts fresh lemonade (Sweetened if you like it that way)
1 part vodka

Cut lemon in half. Run open edge along rim of tall glass then dip in sugar. Fill glass with ice. Add vodka then lemonade. Stir and enjoy!

Amaretto Squeeze
1 part Amaretto
1/2 Lemon
Pour amaretto into a normal glass, then squeeze the juice out of half a lemon. Add a few ice cubes.

Recipe author says, "It tastes like frangipane"

I've never had 'frangipane' but this drink was a bit much for my wussy self. Surprisingly -- when my husband tried adding this drink to lemonade it was sooo heavenly!
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