July 19, 2006

Carnival of the Grill #1 - Beer Brats!

My friend Adam at Men In Aprons started up a great blog carnival -- the "Carnival of the Grill" which has no specific theme this first time around, other than, well, using the grill!

The deadline for the first roundup is August 14th -- so get crackin'. Thanks to Adam for hosting and creating a much needed blogging event!

Grilled Beer Brats

6 bratwurst
3 bottles beer
2 onions
hot dog buns

Prepare grill before starting.

In a large pot, add sliced onions to the bottom of the pot. Top with bratwurst and add beer. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Remove brats and onions. Discard liquid. Set aside onions if using. Transfer brats to grill. Grill several minutes on each side, or until done. Enjoy!