May 02, 2006

Strawberry, Lavender & Honey Jam

Try to contain yourself. Yes, those are Krispy Kreme donuts. Paired with delicious Strawberry, Lavender & Honey Jam.

For those of you scared to try making homemade jam -- these are a cinch. Ten minutes and you are set to go. No cooking even!

For those of you scared of the Lavender (which you shouldn't be, it is subtle) try this plain but incredible
Strawberry Freezer Jam.

I used dried Lavender, although if you are lucky enough to have fresh lavender, I would use a sprig or two of that, or a small palm full.

Knowing that dried herbs are often much more potent than fresh, I used only half an ounce, perhaps a very scant tablespoon when measured. I added a little bit of water to a bowl, stirred around the lavender to slightly rehydrate it, then added it to the jam. Simple!
(Recipe Follows)

Strawberry, Lavender & Honey Jam
Makes Five - 8 oz. Jars

4 cups strawberries, chopped
1/2 cup good quality honey (My kind had a bit of honeycomb still in it, yum)
1/2 cup sugar
5 oz. dried lavender (to rehydrate, see instructions above) or 1-2 Sprigs, fresh lavender
1 packet Fruit Jell - Freezer Jam Pectin
5 jam containers, ready to use (They sell specialty Freezer Jam Jars, I believe by the same manufacturer, with cute purple tops.
Look here for example)

1. In a large bowl, crush strawberries until only small pieces remain and mixture is quite liquid. This takes several minutes for me, using a makeshift 'masher'. Set aside

2. If desired, rehydrate lavender by adding a small amount of water in a bowl to your lavender. Stir and let sit for a minute. Drain, set aside.

3. In a small bowl, mix Pectin and sugar together until incorporated. Add to mashed strawberries. Add honey (microwaving if necessary to get it thin enough to pour). Stir for 3 minutes. Add lavender and lightly stir.

4. Ladle into clean jam jars, leaving 1/2" space at the top. Cap and let sit for 30 minutes. Store in your freezer until ready to use, or transfer to fridge and eat!
I also bought a container of Lavender Hand Cream at the dried herb store. The Brocante Home obsession continues, full force.