March 07, 2006

Terry's Chocolate Cake

I've made it to my last recipe to test for Ruth'scookbook. Scratch that. I just signed up to test 4 more recipes! Woot! Anyhow, this was the last recipe in the first batch of recipes that I tested for Ruth. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It is very yummy indeed. What I was most impressed by was how sturdy this cake was. It popped right out of the baking pan and not a single piece broke off or fell apart. This is a *great* cake to make if you have to travel with a dessert.

Being at such a high elevation almost always means my cakes/ brownies/ whathaveyou will sink down in the middle and look shoddy. This was not the case at all with this recipe. That is a first in all the baking I've done in Montana. A success!

Make sure to purchase a copy of Ruth's cookbook when it comes out! I have never had so many amazing success's with recipes as I have with Ruth's, and that is the honest-to-God truth.

Oh, here is more food porn for you: