November 04, 2005

Steak with Garlic Compound Butter and My First Mashed Potatoes!

Ok, my confession is that I've never made mashed potatoes. I had two bags of potatoes to use up (still do, actually) so I decided to give it a whirl!

Garlic Compound Butter

I started off with a simple compound butter. Now that I've made A LOT of. But I've never made c.b. with minced garlic from a how did it fare?


Wow, it tasted so good, melting over our big ass steaks. (dirty)

On to the mashed potatoes. I read many, many comments on a post about mashed potatoes and decided to try to meld my own recipe with the best of both worlds. It...sort of worked.

No, that wasn't my helping. That was leftovers. Anyways.

I quartered 3 lbs of said potatoes and left their skins on, which I had intended to peel off after boiling, as many a commenter had suggested.

But one problem-- the skin was so thin and the tot so hot, that I figuratively got off the pot and just mashed the whole lot. heh. So skins and all, I added 9 tablespoons of butter and started mixing with my moms hand held mixer. A kitchen aid mixer would have been a better bet for sure.

Slowly I added in a HEATED mixture of 3/4 c. heavy cream (yikes) and 3/4 cup milk. Whip whip whip, and it should be good to go with some salt and pepper.

I ran across a few troubles. First, the potatoes were slightly water logged. I don't know what to do about that, as leaving the skins on was supposed to deter that from happening. And second, the hand held mixer couldn't adequately mix the mix. Some small clumps of boiled potato popped up.

Definitely not creamy enough. A touch on the watery side. And not smooth enough.

In any event, Piggy and Letta enjoyed slurping at the juices on our plates.

And the juices are left for the angry mob.