September 25, 2005

Angel Food From Hell

My High Altitude Baking cookbook hadn't failed me yet. I was going to make the Band's favorite dessert, Angel Food Cake with the eggy glaze.

Well, the shit hit the fan when I moronically used "Just Whites" (or "Nothing But the Whites" or something like that) liquid egg whites. What the fugg was I thinking?

It was a little squatty cake. And too moist. Never again Just Whites!

Here it is resting upside down. Note the handy legs it sits on. Clever, that.

As you can see it got a tad too brown. Or hell, maybe its just brown enough. Not all angel food cakes have to look like the disgusting ones at the grocery stores.

My creation

Overall it was all right. But a delicious angel food paired with the Egg Glaze is down right scrumptious.

Egg Glaze - This recipe comes from my husbands family and goes back many many a year. I just made it and it is TO DIE FOR. Please try and don't be scared by the stirring time!

6-7 egg yolks
1 c. sugar
1/4 to 1/2 c. heavy cream (depending on consistency)

In a pot over very low heat, stir together egg yolks and sugar. Add cream a little at a time until consistency desired is reached.

Stir for 10 minutes (!) with a whisk. Don't stop stirring, whatever you do! The glaze will curdle on the bottom of your pan if you do not. Your glaze will get a little thicker the closer to 1o minutes you get, so feel free to add a small amount of cream to it. I like a slightly thin glaze, as it will thicken some as it cools.

Pour over angel food cake and reserve some in a bowl for dipping your cake into. Enjoy!