December 27, 2004

Nigella's Coconut Macaroons

Nigella's Coconut Macaroons

2 large egg whites
quarter teaspoon cream of tartar, optional
half cup sugar
third cup ground almonds
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or coconut essence, should such be available)
3 and a third cups shredded coconut

Beat the eggs until frothy

Add the cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks are formed. Add sugar a teaspoon at a time and whisk until the peaks hold their shape and are shiny.

Fold in the almonds, salt, vanilla and coconut.

Don't flatten the balls. Let them be round. Be nice to your balls.

Anyways, here they are, baked. Not quite as browned as I should've let them become, but good nonetheless.

They did fall quite a bit while cooling, which was a disappointment. They were light and delicious. I would definitely try making them again, albeit correctly next time.

Oh! One more important thing to note. This recipe only made these 4 macaroons! I considered these to be big, but not big big, and Nigella writes the recipe supposedly makes 8 big mac's. Psh.